TOMORROW: Follow our live blog at the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals

Tomorrow, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments in a landmark case from same-sex couples in Utah seeking the freedom to marry in their home state. Just one week later, on April 17, the same 3-judge panel will hear arguments in a similar case seeking marriage for same-sex couples in Oklahoma. 

The 10th Circuit hearings this month kick off what well may be the penultimate chapter in the campaign to win the freedom to marry nationwide. This spring, a wave of activity will sweep through the federal appellate courts, as nine different marriage cases face consideration by the federal appellate courts in the 4th (VA), 5th (TX), 6th (KY, MI, OH, TN), 9th (NV), and 10th (OK, UT) Circuits. 

Beginning today, and stretching into next week, Freedom to Marry will provide live updates and help contextualize what this movement means for the campaign to win marriage nationwide. Although no broadcasting is permitted while court is in session, Freedom to Marry will curate content throughout the day to help you understand what's going on - and as information becomes available, we will share all of the highlights from the day's arguments. 

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