Twin sisters raised by two moms named Valedictorian and Salutatorian of Florida school

This month, twin sisters Erin and Elizabeth Czerwinski were named Valedictorian and Salutatorian of Key West High School in Florida. The successful young women were raised and supported by their proud mothers, Caroline Bauer and Sharon Czerwinski, who have been together for 25 years.

In the latest issue of the Conch Color, a publication in the Florida Keys, the graduates talked about their time in Key West and the joys of being raised by their mothers. 

Liz, who will attend Florida State University in the fall, said:

When I'm asked how it has been to be raised by two moms, it's hard to say anything other than amazing. It has always felt normal to me and sometimes I even forget that it's something unique. I feel very lucky to have had such supportive and loving parents.

Erin added:

It's definitely different being raised by two moms, but the community of Key West has always been supportive. We have a lot of loving people down here that have made Liz and I feel very comfortable. I wouldn't want to trade my family experience for anything.  

Same-sex couples in Florida do not have the freedom to marry. Some jurisdictions allow same-sex couples to join together in domestic partnership, which extends to them some - but not all - of the protections and responsibilities of marriage. Couples like Caroline and Sharon, who worked so hard to raise their wonderful daughters throughout their 25 years together, are denied the freedom to marry in the state they call home. Learn more about the freedom to marry in Florida HERE.  

Check out the full issue of the Conch Color HERE (PDF). 

Photo by Tom Oosterhoudt