Urgent: Proposed anti-gay amendments in Minnesota

The Minnesota Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on anti-gay constitutional amendment legislation today. If you live in Minnesota, follow the links below to contact your legislators in opposition to these harmful bills.
We have to act quickly.

Republican state legislators in Minnesota are fast tracking proposed anti-gay constitutional amendments to ban marriage for same-sex couples.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on the constitutional amendment legislation today and its sponsors say they have enough votes for it to pass.

With Minnesota facing a huge budget shortfall, the legislature should be focused on creating jobs and the economy. Will you send a message to your Representative and Senator asking them to oppose anti-gay constitutional amendments?

We're hearing from our allies in the legislature that our opponents - led by the anti-gay Minnesota Family Council - are bombarding them with lies about same-sex couples and their families. The reality is that gay families share many of the concerns many families are worried about including losing a job or their health insurance.

Your voice has been crucial in helping us make the case for the freedom to marry nationwide. And now we need your help to send the message loud and clear to legislators: oppose any and all dangerous anti-gay amendments.