Victory in Delaware: DE House of Representatives approves the freedom to marry

Today, the House of Representatives in Delaware voted in favor of HB75, the bill that would extend the freedom to marry to same-sex couples across the state of Delaware! The bill now moves onto the Delaware Senate, where it will be debated in committee soon and then, if we continue the momentum to win marriage, face a full vote before the Senate. The bill passed today by a vote of 23-18.

The historic victory comes a week after the Delaware House Administration Committee voted to advance the bill to the full House floor. 

Lisa Goodman, President of Equality Delware, applauded the passage of the bill today. She said:

Today's victory is incredibly historic, as we mark the first time marriage equality has ever been voted on in a chamber of the General Assembly! We're closer than we've ever been to securing marriage for all Delaware families. ...

This historic win in the House didn't come out of nowhere. It's the direct result of supporters picking up the phone, knocking on doors, and sending messages - all to help build a truly unprecedented grassroots campaign.

Freedom to Marry is proud to support Equality Delaware in the campaign to win marriage in Delaware in 2013. Delaware is one of the states in Freedom to Marry's Win More States Fund this year. You can support the work to win marriage in Delaware - and more states - by giving today.