VIDEO: A Florida father pays tribute to his deceased husband by fighting for marriage

"Every day that couples have to wait to marry or have their marriages recognized profoundly affects Plaintiffs and other same-sex couples across the State," legal counsel from the American Civil Liberties Union wrote in a brief in a Florida federal legal case urging an end to marriage discrimination in the Sunshine State. "As they wait, children will be born, partners and spouses will get sick, and some will die."

The statement makes a compelling argument: Time matters, and each day, some same-sex couples living in states that continue to deny the freedom to marry run out of time. 

This year, Jorge Goytizolo in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is mourning the death of his husband, Philip Parrish, who passed away in May after a sudden diagnosis of brain cancer. Now, Jorge is working hard to protect his twin children, Santiago Philip and Ella Starr. And he's doing it all in the face of blatant marriage discrimination from Florida that tells him that the more than 15 years of love and commitment he spent with Philip were not enough - were not worthy of respect. 

Even after 15 years together and one year of a joyous marriage with newborn babies, Jorge is not listed as a spouse on Philip's death certificate. The couple's 15 years together have been stamped away, ignored by the state where they were raising their children. And it's all because of Florida laws that deny the freedom to marry to same-sex couples - laws that have been ruled unconstitutional by four different state and federal courts this year.  

Jorge is now speaking up with Equality Florida in a new video calling on Florida Governor Rick Scott to stop defending marriage discrimination and stop standing in the way of love.

"I know it is too late for me - but I ask Governor Scott to lift the ban on same-sex marriage so other couples can not go through the same worries I am going through at this time. Please, let them marry."

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