VIDEO: Anti-Gay Group’s Lawyer Calls DOMA Unconstitutional

Add to the list of President Obama's defenders for his decision to stop defending DOMA in court a very unlikely name: Pat Vaughn, the in-house lawyer for the anti-gay American Family Association.

Several marriage opponents have gone so far as to say that the president should be impeached for his legal policy change. Commenting on that absurd notion on an AFA internet show, Vaughn not only said that Obama was well within his rights as president, but he went on to agree with the president, saying "I think that marriage is defined by God as between a man and a woman. However, the Defense of Marriage Act is probably unconstitutional, particularly if you attempt to apply it so that to say that a marriage conducted in one state is not in effect in another. That clearly violates the Constitution."

The first part of that quote (wrong as he may be) shows that Vaughn, unlike many others, is able to separate his personal opinion from a legal opinion.