VIDEO: Bud Billikin Parade attendees speak out about why marriage matters in IL

This weekend, Chicago hosted the annual Bud Billiken Parade, the oldest and largest parade for African-Americans in the United States. Illinois Unites for Marriage, the coalition working to win the freedom to marry for same-sex couples across the state of Illinois, marched in the parade, and along the way, the coalition volunteers asked parade attendees why they support the freedom to marry in Illinois.

The responses were formulated into a beautiful and moving video demonstrating a robust majority of Illinoisans who believe in marriage. Watch the video:

One couple spoke out in the video about why they want to be treated equally in the state where they live, in the community that they love. They said:

We support family, and we are a family. We have a child. We've been together for six years, married for two. And we want the same equal rights as anyone else. We love each other like any other couple.

This is where we are. This is where we grew up. This is where we should live and be a family. 

Illinois Unites for Marriage is the coalition supporting the freedom to marry for all loving, committed couples. Support for marriage is already strong with business, labor and community leaders, civic organizations, faith institutions and members of the clergy, African-American and Latino leaders, Republicans and Democrats – and as we continue sharing our stories, support only continues to grow.

Freedom to Marry is proud to serve as a leading member of Illinois Unites for Marriage.