Video: ‘Dancing’s’ Louis Van Amstel and Niecy Nash make statement on marriage equality

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"Louis Van Amstel and Niecy Nash made a strong statement in favor of the freedom to marry on Monday night's edition of Dancing with the Stars, as the pair's dance set to Billy Preston and Syreeta Wright’s With You I’m Born Again was not only designed to entertain, but enlighten.

" 'What if the person you were in love with right at this moment, for whatever reason, you could not be with, because society says, or because the law says?!?' asked Nash, fighting back tears.

"Van Amstel, who is openly gay, gave us his take on the hotbed issue. 'I think it should be the choice of every individual who they want to marry,' Van Amstel said. 'It's everybody's choice to disagree, but you cannot stop someone else who agrees with marriage equality, or even cross-racial marriage.' "

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