VIDEO: Evan Wolfson explains to Tony Perkins how DOMA hurts and why marriage matters

On Wednesday, Freedom to Marry Founder and President Evan Wolfson appeared on Fox News to square off against Tony Perkins from the Family Research Council on why marriage matters and how the Supreme Court can stand on the Right Side of History this year.

Evan explained in simple terms what these cases are all about. He said: 

This is not a new question: The Supreme Court has acknowledged that there is a freedom to marry. The freedom to marry has been recognized as something that's belonging to all of us under the Constitution in at least 14 Supreme cases. The question is: What reason does the government have for denying the freedom to marry to gay couples? Gay people are not saying, 'Let's have no rules, just let us do anything.' What gay people are saying is, 'Let us have what you have. Just as you have the freedom to marry the person you love - the person you're building a life with and take on that legal commitment and responsibility, so should we. The question of what reason is there to deny couples who've made that commitment in life just because they're gay is the question before the Court.

Perkins brought up the question of whether marriages between same-sex couples would harm children - a question that we and every reputable psychological, child welfare, and sociological in the United Staates have already answered: Marriage helps strengthen families, including families of gay and lesbian Americans. Evan explained that there is no evidence of these malicious claims that seek to villify gay and lesbian people. He said, referencing the Proposition 8 case in the lower courts:

Tony Perkins had the chance to go into Court - along with whatever other witnesses he and his side wanted to produce - and prove what he's saying. And the fact of the matter is that, after seven weeks of testimony, evidence and cross-examination, there was zero evidence produced. Because Mr. Perkins keeps saying that there are all of these studies, but the record is clear: There are no such studies.

 Watch the video here: