VIDEO: Evan Wolfson speaks on C-SPAN on the importance of marriage

On Saturday, October 11, Freedom to Marry president and founder Evan Wolfson appeared on C-SPAN to speak about the importance of the incredible momentum for the freedom to marry across the country since the Supreme Court's decision to deny review of 5 rulings in favor of the freedom to marry last Monday. Evan Wolfson said:

"It is not loving to say to children that gay couples are raising that somehow their family is not as good, that they should not have the same safety net of protection, that they should be shoved aside as somehow second class or other or lesser. That's not loving. And precisely because the American people have come to understand that we should be loving and the law should respect love and commitment, that's why we're seeing the movement we're seeing in this country.

What we have seen is the Supreme Court has sent a signal and the courts have followed through in striking down these additional barriers that were put in the constitution to prevent the legislature from talking and debating in order to discriminate against gay people and that's what we've seen as we've grown from 19 to 29 states as of yesterday and soon it will be 35, and we'll continue to work to make sure it's all 50 states."

Evan also spoke on the necessity of teaching our children that they should not be afraid to be themselves, and that last week's series of victories ensuring marriage for same-sex couples in eleven states indicates that the country is ready for the freedom to marry nationwide.