VIDEO: Gay couple together 42 years finally able to marry in Rhode Island

Today, the freedom to marry took effect in Rhode Island, and same-sex couples across the state began to marry. 

One of these couples was John Gacher and Federico Santi, who both hail from Newport, RI, where they make their home together. They have been together for 41 years, since 1972. Although they have been joined together through Rhode Island's civil union law, a lesser mechanism of family status that denies couples the full respect and significance of marriage, their marriage today meant so much to the couple.

"We moved here 28 years ago, and I can remember coming down here to get a license for our business, and if you had told me that 28 years later we would be standing here getting a marriage certificate, it would have been hard to believe," Federico said as he stood in the clerk's office.

He added: "It's infinitely more significant for all of the people after us - young men and women who want to formalize their relationship into a marriage - and they'll now be able to do it in this state from here on out."

Watch the video from their marriage HERE:

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