Video: Voice for Equality - Minnesota State Senator John Marty strikes back at NOM attack ad

State Senator John Marty is a member of the Minnesota Senate, representing District 54, which includes portions of Hennepin and Ramsey counties in the northern Twin Cities metropolitan area. As a young state senator, he ran for Governor of Minnesota in 1994. He won the DFL party nomination and the Democratic primary but was unsuccessful in the general election. He ran for governor again in 2010, but withdrew from the race after failing to win his party's endorsement.

As senator, Marty serves the communities of Roseville, St. Anthony, Little Canada, Vadnais Heights, Lauderdale, Gem Lake, and Shoreview.

In 2010, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) ran an attack ad aimed at Senator Marty and his support for the freedom to marry.  Senator Marty shot back with a video re-affirming his support for equality and fairness including marriage equality.  In his video, Sen. Marty stated: "They [NOM] are not about respecting families and marriage. They are out preventing other marriages,” he said. “They are the ones that want to impose their will on others. I don’t want to impose marriage equality on anybody. I want people to choose their own partners in life.”

He said that groups like NOM are on the wrong side of history. “They can’t stop loving couples from falling in love. If two women fall in love they can’t stop that,” he said. “They can’t stop them from making a lifelong commitment to each other. They can’t stop them from raising children.”

He added, “They only thing they can do is prevent them from getting the legal recognition that everybody else gets and discriminate against them. And that’s wrong.”  See video below:




Freedom to Marry salutes Minnesota State Senator John Marty as a Voice for Equality.

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