VIDEO: Oregon couple takes a photo journey through their 42 years together

This week, Oregon United for Marriage released a wonderful new video featuring Ed and Warren, a same-sex couple who have lived in Oregon their entire lives and want to, finally, be able to marry. 

The beautiful video features Ed and Warren sorting through old photos of their lives together, from watching a sunrise together after working at a berry packing plant, to attending the University of Oregon, to spending Christmas after Christmas hand in hand. 

Ed and Warren explained in the video:

We love each other in Oregon. We met in Oregon. We’ve lived our lives together in Oregon. It’s time for us, at age 64, to be married after 42 years. It’s time to make that legal. Young people need to know that you can live for 42 years with another person and still be crazily in love.

Oregon United for Marriage has been gearing up for a historic ballot iniative this year. In November 2014, marriage supporters will work to overturn the state's anti-gay constitutional amendment, which bars same-sex couples from marrying, and replacing it with the freedom to marry! Learn more at Oregon United for Marriage

Watch the video here: