Video: Star Trek’s George Takei and husband: Check married ‘if you consider yourself married’

As reported by Steve Rothaus for The Miami Herald:

"Wanting a more accurate count of sexual minorities in the United States, national gay rights leaders have launched a campaign to 'Queer the Census.'

"Even the U.S. Census Bureau is on board, releasing videos Monday that advise same-sex couples to choose 'married' status if that's how they view their relationships, and telling transgender people to check off the sex they identify with -- not necessarily their legal or birth genders.

" 'We've been very public about our interaction with the gay community,' said Timothy P. Olson, assistant division chief for the Census' field division. 'I'm a gay man and I head up the overall program.'

"...Also, the Census has posted a half-dozen videos from gay community leaders, including one in Spanish, on its website and on YouTube. Star Trek's Mr. Sulu is part of the campaign. Actor George Takei, who two years ago married longtime partner Brad Altman in California, said at the news conference Monday that they sent back their form 'as husband and husband.' They have done their own Census video, in which Takei wears his old Star Trek uniform and Altman has a 'silly'' foil cap on his head.

" 'We wanted to do our PSA in a way that would reach as many people as possible,' Takei said. 'We want to help Americans go where they've never gone before: to full equality for the LGBT community.' "