VIDEO: ‘We will join together to defeat HJR-3’ in Indiana

This week, Freedom Indiana - the campaign to block an anti-family constitutional amendment in Indiana - released a new video that documents the thousands of Hoosiers who have spoken out against HJR-3, which would ban any and all protections for same-sex couples and their families. The video makes the case that the amendment helps no one and hurts thousands of people across the state.

This week, energy has surged around the campaign to defeat HJR-3. On Monday, thousands of Hoosiers came out to a rally of IN residents committed to rejecting HJR-3, encouraging members of the House Judiciary Committee to stand against the bill. By the end of the day on Monday, even after an hours-long hearing, no vote had taken place, fueling supporters of liberty. Today, the House Speaker in Indiana expressed his intention to replace members of the House Judiciary Committee who oppose the anti-freedom amendment - something no House Speaker has done in Indiana for more than two decades. It's a desperate attempt to interfere with the committee vote and to undercut the will of the people, a majority of whom oppose the amendment.

The video released this week from Freedom Indiana captures the energy and encouraging spirit of Hoosiers across Indiana who oppose HJR-3 and are committed to defeating the bill. Watch the video below: