Voice for Equality: Fran Drescher

Actress Fran Drescher is most famous for her starring role on the television series The Nanny, airing throughout the early 1990s. Among her many film credits are American Hot Wax, Summer of Fear, Ragtime, This is Spinal Tap, and Saturday Night Fever.  After survived a vicious rape and uterine cancer, Drescher was moved to political activism. In 2008, she was appointed a diplomat by the U.S. State Department in recognition of her public service and today serves on the Public Diplomacy Envoy for Women's Health Issues.

On the topic of marriage equality, Drescher released the following statement in September, 2008:

“I'm a political activist who believes in preserving the American dream which is tolerance of diversity and the separation of church and state. It's simply un-American not to be tolerant of different lifestyles. If you want to live in a single-minded, religious-based country you're in the wrong place.”

Nominated for Voices for Equality by: Michelle Marzullo

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