Voice for Equality: Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is an American conservative radio and television host, political commentator, author, and entrepreneur. He is currently the host of The Glenn Beck Program, a nationally syndicated talk-radio show that airs throughout the United States on Premiere Radio Networks; He is also the host of a self-titled cable-news show on Fox News Channel. As an author, Beck has had six New York Times-bestselling books, with five debuting at #1. Beck is also the founder and CEO of Mercury Radio Arts, a multi-media production company through which he produces content for radio, television, publishing, the stage, and the Internet.

On August 12, 2010, Mr. Beck appeared on the the O'Reilly Factor television show, saying that he does not think the government "has anything to do with marriage. That is a religious rite."

From the segment:

O'Reilly: Do you believe that marriage equality is a threat to country in any way?

Beck: A threat to the country?

O'Reilly: Yeah, is it going to harm it in anyway?

Beck: No I don't. Will the gays come and get us?

O'Reilly: No, okay. Is it going to harm the country?

Beck: I believe that Thomas Jefferson said: "If it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket what difference is it to me?  [Link]


Freedom to Marry salutes Glenn Beck as a Voice for Equality.

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