Voice for Equality: Helen Chavez

In a public education campaign in 2008, Helen Chavez said, "My husband spent his life fighting for dignity for all people. César was one of the first civil rights leaders to speak out for gays and lesbians, because he understood that you can’t demand equality for your own people while tolerating discrimination against anyone else.

"As a champion for justice, he would have been glad to know that California finally allows gay and lesbian couples to marry, because that brings us one step closer to his vision for communities where everyone is accepted and respected. For 45 years, I stood with Cèsar for what is right. Today I celebrate his memory as I see so many newly married gay and lesbian couples celebrate their marriages. We must welcome them if we are all to have equality."

Freedom to Marry thanks L. Calderon for nominating Helen Chavez as a Voice for Equality!

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