Voice for Equality: Jerrold Nadler

Jerrold Nadler is an American politician from New York City. A Democrat, Nadler represents New York's 8th congressional district, which includes parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn in New York City.  Representative Nadler, Chairman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, hailed the ruling by the Supreme Court of Iowa in 2009 that struck down the state’s ban on the freedom to marry.

“The Iowa Supreme Court’s unanimous decision that equal protection means that gay and lesbian couples must be allowed to marry in Iowa is a victory for liberty and equality,” said Rep. Nadler. “This is a resounding endorsement of core constitutional principles coming from the heartland of our nation and a mark of Iowa’s continued leadership and courage on critical civil rights issues. Just as Iowa led the nation in rejecting slavery, desegregating its schools, and opening doors for women in the workplace, Iowa has now taken its place as a leader in this fight for equality. I maintain my hope that the federal government, New York, and other states will follow its lead.”

Freedom to Marry sat down with prominent politicians from across the country in July of 2010 to hear why they support marriage for all loving and committed couples, as part of our Political Voices for Equality public education video project.  Rep. Nadler's interview is below:

Freedom to Marry salutes NY Congressman Nadler as a Voice for Equality.

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