Voice for Equality: Lynda Carter

Lynda Carter is an American actress and singer. She is best known for the Amazonian title role in the fantasy-adventure television series Wonder Woman which aired from 1975 to 1979. Carter entered a local beauty contest and gained national fame by winning Miss World USA, in 1972, representing Arizona. After taking acting classes at several New York acting schools, she began making appearances on TV shows such as Starsky and Hutch, Cos, and Nakia. Carter's acting career took when she landed her starring role in the Wonder Woman television series. Carter's other credits include the title role in a 1983 biopic of Rita Hayworth titled Love Goddess, and a variety of her own television specials: Lynda Carter's Special (1980), Encore! (1980), Celebration (1981), Street Life (1982), and Body And Soul (1984). She also starred in a few short-lived TV series, including Partners in Crime, with Loni Anderson, in 1984, and, Hawkeye, with Lee Horsley. From September 26, 2005, until November of that year, Carter played the role of "Mama Morton," in the West End London production of Chicago. Her rendition of "When You're Good to Mama" was officially released on the Chicago: 10th Anniversary Edition CD box set in October 2006. In June 2009, her new album, At Last, was released and reached #6 on Billboard's Jazz Albums Chart. Learn more here.

It was announced on October 14, 2009 that Lynda Carter would be participating in the Love Unites Shepard Fairey Equality Project, a new marriage equality advocacy project for which 100 celebrities would be signing their names and customizing a Shepard Fairey print titled Defend Equality - Love Unites. Fairey, whose Obama Hope print became the iconic emblem of President Obama’s 2008 campaign, was approached by FAIR, an LGBT grassroots marriage equality organization, to commission an image that would help unite and inspire the marriage equality movement. “I am proud to contribute the Defend Equality Love Unites image to the fight for marriage equality, and commend FAIR for putting this image to good use." The signed prints will be sold in online auctions through December 9, 2009. [Link]

Freedom to Marry salutes Lynda Carter as a Voice for Equality! Learn about other Voices for Equality here.

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