Voice for Equality: Maggie Griffin

Maggie Griffin is the mother of comedienne Kathy Griffin, and co-stars with her daughter in a reality show airing on Bravo called "My Life on the D-List".  The show follows the struggles of self-proclaimed "D-list" celebrity Kathy Griffin and her climb of the Hollywood ladder.

In this Advocate interview, the reality television star, boxed-wine aficionado, and new author opens up about drinking with Betty White, her “boyfriend” Bill O’Reilly, and why she supports gay rights.
Committed to her Catholic faith yet equally committed to those she loves and admires, the My Life on the D-List breakout star talks to The Advocate about “liking who she likes” and her participation in the anti-Prop 8 Rally in 2008.

"But I got up there especially for the parents and families of gays, to ask them to accept their kids. I want them to stick up for them and be there for them. That was my role and I was proud to do it. I think the freedom to marry is eventually going to happen." [Link
Freedom to Marry salutes Maggie Griffin as a Voice for Equality.
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