Voice for Equality: Miss Universe 2010, Ximena Navarrete

Ximena Navarrete is a Mexican model and beauty pageant titleholder who was named Nuestra Belleza México 2009 and Miss Universe 2010. Learn more here.

In an interview on Mexican radio held in August 2010 shortly after her win in the Miss Universe pageant, when asked about the freedom to marry she answered:

"Look, I believe that every person in this world has the right to profess the beliefs they have and I am in agreement. We have to respect what each human being decides to do with their lives, you know? Clearly, there are limitations, of course, also, as there are with heterosexual couples, right? Better said, there are limitations for any of the two - if they are heterosexual or homosexual - but I believe we have to learn to be respectful because they are people who are the same as us. There is no difference. And I don't believe it's just to discriminate somebody based on the gender they prefer, right? Based on the partner they choose to select, if it's a man or a woman. The truth is that I am absolutely against discrimination and, well, what can I say. I have many friends who are homosexual and I adore them. And they are equal folk: There is no reason we should want to set them aside, there is no reason why we shouldn't let them enjoy what they want to enjoy with their partner."  [Link]

Freedom to Marry salutes Ximena Navarrete as a Voice for Equality.

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