Voice for Equality: Nelsan Ellis

Nelsan Ellis is an award-winning American film and television actor and playwright, best known as Lafayette Reynolds on HBO's "True Blood".  Other film and television appearances have included: "The Express", "The Soloist", "Talent", "The Inside", "Veronica Mars" and "Without A Trace".

When asked by Vibe magazine in July of 2010 what his thoughts were on the freedom to marry, Mr. Ellis said:

"I support it. I think anybody should—I mean, I have my religious views but I don’t choose to oppress them on anybody. I think in this country, anybody can do whatever they want to do as long as it’s not hurting anybody else or violating the laws of society. If you want to get married to a man then get married to a man. If two women want to get married they should get married. It’s not hurting me. The beautiful thing about this country is that I can be a Christian and feel free to do so. Or somebody cannot be a Christian and do whatever that entails. Or somebody can be a Christian and still be gay and I support it. Let gay people get married."  [Link]

Freedom to Marry salutes Nelsan Ellis as a Voice for Equality.

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