Voice for Equality: Rep. Jackie Speier

Jackie Speier is the Democratic Representative for California's 12th congressional district. The district includes the northern two-thirds of San Mateo County (formerly part of the district represented by her political mentor, Leo Ryan) and the southwest quarter of San Francisco.
She is also a former member of the California State Senate who represented parts of San Francisco and San Mateo counties. On April 8, 2008, she won a special election for the vacated United States House of Representatives seat of late Congressman Tom Lantos. Rep. Speier's congressional committee assignments include: Committee on Financial Services, Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Insurance, and Government-Sponsored Enterprises, Subcommittee on Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit, Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Subcommittee on Government Management, Organization, and Procurement and the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming. Learn more here.

On Tuesday November 17, 2009, Rep. Jackie Speier was a guest on The Colbert Report for a humorous "Better Know a District" segment. The congresswoman expressed her support for marriage equality and stated,

Being gay is not a disease. It’s a sexual orientation. So there is nothing to fix.
See video below:

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Better Know a District - California's 12th - Jackie Speier
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Freedom to Marry salutes Rep. Jackie Speier as a Voice for Equality! See other Voices for Equality here.

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