Voice for Equality: Ruth Hassell-Thompson

New York State Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson of Mount Vernon represents the 36th district of New York, which covers Morrisania, West Farms, Williamsbridge, Co-op City, Wakefield, Baychester and Mount Vernon. A former pediatric nurse and substance abuse counselor, she is well known for her expertise on minority business needs and has initiated numerous workshops and seminars on business development. Learn more here.

On December 2, 2009, Senator Hassell-Thompson was one of twenty-four senators who voted in favor of the Marriage Equality Bill on the Floor of the NYS Senate Chamber, and she was one of several senators who spoke personally and powerfully in support of the freedom to marry during the pre-vote debate. Her personal account of making her voting decision while wrestling with her deeply-held religious beliefs and a personal history with a gay older brother, added extra resonance to her remarks. See video of her speech below:

Freedom to Marry salutes Ruth Hassell-Thompson as a Voice for Equality.
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