Voice for Equality: Samuel Jackson

Academy Award-nominated actor Samuel Jackson has appeared in over 70 films including Die Hard with a Vengeance, Jackie Brown, The Incredibles and Black Snake Moan. He was an usher at Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.’s funeral and subsequently became involved in theater at Morehouse College, Dr. King’s alma mater. He gained critical acclaim in Lee’s “Jungle Fever” and as the bible quoting hit-man Jules Winnfield in “Pulp Fiction.” His films have grossed between $2 to $4 billion, making him the second highest grossing movie star of all time.

In 2008, Samuel L. Jackson publically voiced his opposition to Proposition 8, calling the freedom to marry a “fundamental right.” In a commercial for the “No on 8” campaign, Jackson said:

“It wasn’t that long ago that discrimination was legal in California. Japanese Americans were confined in internment camps, Armenians couldn’t buy a house in the central valley, Latinos and African Americans were told who they could and could not marry. It was a sorry time in our history. Today, the sponsors of Prop 8 want to eliminate fundamental rights. We have an obligation to pass along to our children a more tolerant and decent society. Vote no on Prop 8, it’s unfair and it’s wrong.”

Nominated for Voices for Equality by: Michelle Marzullo


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