Voice for Equality: Tony Kushner

Tony Kushner is an American playwright and screenwriter, best known for his play Angels in America: A Gay Fantasia on National Themes. He received the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1992 for Angels in America, which he later adapted into a screenplay for what would become the Emmy Award-winning HBO miniseries. Other plays include Hydriotaphia, Slavs!: Thinking About the Longstanding Problems of Virtue and Happiness, A Bright Room Called Day, Homebody/Kabul, and the book for the musical Caroline, or Change.

In a June 15, 2009, interview with CNN, Kushner expressed his unequivocal support for the freedom to marry. He said:

“It's a 14th Amendment issue. There's no argument about it. We are citizens of the United States. Citizens of the United States are guaranteed equal protection under the law by the 14th Amendment, and that's the end of -- as the brilliant decision by the Iowa Supreme Court just said -- it's kind of the end of the discussion. You can't treat people differently. It's unconstitutional, and we want to be given our rights as citizens.”


Nominated for Voices for Equality by: Megan


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