Voice for Equality: Vanessa Williams

Actress Vanessa Williams made history on September 17, 1983, when she became the first woman of African descent to be crowned Miss America. And so began Williams’ career in entertainment, one that has earned her Grammy, Emmy, and Tony Award nominations. She has acted in film, on television and on the Broadway stage, and released three different albums. An outspoken supporter of gay and lesbian rights, the Human Rights Coalition named Williams an official "Ally for Equality" in 2008.  

When asked if she was supportive of marriage equality in a 2005 interview, Williams responded in the affirmative. She said, 

“I have no problem with it. I completely support it. I have many gay friends that are married. Close male friends of mine have been living together as a couple for over 20 years, and they have adopted a beautiful baby girl who is now 3-years old. They are fantastic parents. Other gay couples I know are also looking to adopt. And then I have single gay friends who are adoptive parents.”

Nominated for Voices for Equality by: Michelle Marzullo

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