Volunteer with Drive for Marriage to help win marriage at the ballot!

With just a few weeks left before Election Day, every minute, every volunteer, and every conversation with voters in the four ballot states counts more than ever. 

That's why we need our supporters to donate their time and effort to Drive for Marriage. The program is the newest way you can contribute to United for Marriage, our joint partnership with the Human Rights Campaign and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force to mobilize volunteers for the four states where the freedom to marry will be on the ballot this November - in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington. 

We're asking volunteers located near each of the ballot states to take a weekend trip or a day-long journey to help volunteer with the four ballot campaigns. We know that we can make a huge impact on these last few weeks of the campaign, and we know we'll need a ton of help with the crucial four days of Get-Out-the-Vote, from Saturday, November 3 through Election Day on November 6. SIGN UP here

An influx of organizing volunteers from nearby states can help us make history this Election Day by winning the freedom to marry at the ballot by a popular vote for the first time ever.

Whether you have a car or don't have a car, you can help participate in the campaign to win marriage nationwide by giving your time and energy in these next few weeks.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Drive for Marriage and SIGN UP for a volunteer trip!