Washington United for Marriage: Town halls

When the Washington State Legislature passed the freedom to marry last month, we knew our work was far from over! Opponents of marriage for same-sex couples are gathering signatures to put marriage on the ballot, meaning that Washington voters must approve Referendum 74 this November in order for marriage legislation to become law.
Fortunately, Washington United for Marriage is already running a strategic campaign, talking to voters and mobilizing volunteers all over the state. This week, the campaign is hosting town halls in several communities in Washington to engage supporters in the earliest stages of the campaign to approve Referendum 74! Town halls are a great chance to learn skills, give input, and take ownership of this important and historic campaign.
Freedom to Marry is proud to be a leading member of Washington United for Marraige and we're deeply committed to offering our resources, expertise, and staff time to ensure victory this November. Below is an email that Evan Wolfson, our Founder and President, sent to Freedom to Marry supporters in Washington State earlier today. Check out Evan's email and if you live in Washington, sign up to attend a town hall near you! 
The campaign to defend the freedom to marry in Washington is gearing up!
This week, Washington United for Marriage, a broad statewide coalition of groups working to win marriage, is hosting town halls in communities around the state. Town halls are the perfect chance for supporters like you to take ownership of this campaign by helping to share and develop what it will take to ensure that Washington approves Referendum 74 on the ballot this November.
It’s going to take all of us to win this. Will you attend a town hall in your community this week?
Winning on the ballot won’t be easy, but we can and we will succeed. The town halls will give you the tools you need to move marriage forward in your community. The campaign staff will give crucial campaign updates and share cutting-edge tactics proven to be effective in building support for marriage.
Washington became the seventh state to pass a marriage bill because of thousands of people like you who took action, shared your stories, and demonstrated to state legislators why marriage matters to gay and lesbian couples and their families.
Freedom to Marry is a key member of Washington United for Marriage. Members of our staff have been on the ground helping to shape the messaging strategy and build the campaign to defend the bill at the November ballot.
Now it’s up to us to ensure that Washington becomes the first state to defend marriage on the ballot this November. 

Thanks for all you’re doing,
Evan Wolfson
Founder and President, Freedom to Marry