WATCH: Ballot states debut final TV ads before election

As the days tick down before Election Day on November 6, marriage advocates in each of the states where the freedom to marry will appear on the ballot - Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington - are putting their best foot forward and working toward wins. Each campaign recently debuted a new advertisement to get the word out about why it's so important to support same-sex couples and the freedom to marry at the ballot. Here's a round-up of all four!

Maine's final advertisement features retired Episcopal Priest Will Brewster and his wife Arlene, who talk about their son Hal, who came out after returning from Iraq, where he led a platoon. They explain that they used to think civil unions were enough, but now they realize that "marriage is a commitment from the heart. A civil union is no substitute." 

Maryland's latest ad, "It's Time," features President Barack Obama and President Bill Clinton and rounds up all of the people who support the freedom to marry and the Vote For 6 campaign. The ad says: "Question 6 strengthens protections for our churches and guarantees the civil right to commit to the one you love. Pastors, business leaders, newspapers, Democrats, and Republicans are all coming together for Question 6. Because it's about fairness: Treating everyone equally under the law. And who could be against that?

Minnesota's ad addresses some of our opponents' television spots, citing sources that have deemed the ads "false" and "misleading." John and Elizabeth from Edina, MN talk about the golden rule of treating others like you'd like to be treated. The couple says, "Someday, allowing everyone the freedom to marry won't change our kids' values - please vote NO. It really does come down to the Golden Rule." 

Washington's ad features many of the couples and spokespeople the campaign has referred to throughout the election cycle. The various faces in the ad explain, "I used to think domestic partnerships were enough - but now I realize they are no substitute for marriage. We're all God's children. And that's why we're voting to approve Referendum 74. Republicans, Democrats, Independents, 16 newspapers across Washington, pediatricians, students, businesses, families. It's about fairness. It's about freedom."

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