WATCH: New public education television spot debuts in Minnesota

Today, a new public education spot hit televisions in Minnesota, where voters face a ballot measure that could limit the freedom to marry in the state. On November 6, Minnesota voters must decide on a proposed amendment to the state's constitution that would constitutionally ban same-sex couples from marrying. Same-sex couples are already excluded from marriage through a state statute passed in 1997.

The new ad features retired U.S. Marine Corps member Fred Petersen and his wife Yvonne, Minnesota residents whose grandson is gay. 

The couple talks about why marriage is important to them, bringing up his own 59-year marriage with his wife, calling them the "happiest years of my life."  

Fred continues, saying:

The world is changing - gay and lesbian people want to get married for the same reason that I wanted to marry my wife. Why shouldn't other people enjoy the happiness and the love that we've enjoyed for our lifetime?

The new television spot was is Freedom to Marry's first TV ad in Minnesota. and it's part of our public education efforts designed to spark conversation about the meaning of marriage across the nation. Although all forms of media attention is important for the Minnesota ballot campaign, we know that television advertising continues to be one of the most prominent ways that voters get information about elections. Public education efforts like this ad are essential for showing Minnesotans why marriage matters and getting the word out about how the proposed amendment will hurt families if it is passed. 

Similar public education campaigns have begun on television screens in Washington state and Maine, where ballot measures concerning the freedom to marry will also be put to a vote in November. 

Watch the "Grandparents" ad below, and learn more about marriage in Minnesota HERE or by visiting the website for Minnesotans United for All Families.