WATCH: New York Firefighter Speaks Out for Marriage

Written by Communications Intern Katie Garica
Mike Vissichelli, a volunteer firefighter from Locust Valley, Long Island, speaks out for marriage in a New York marriage video released yesterday by the Human Rights Campaign today. 

Mike Vissichelli has been a volunteer firefighter for 25 years and is the president of FireFLAG, an advocacy group for gay and lesbian firefighters and rescue workers. In the video, Mike talks about what the freedom to marry means to him: 

“Loving gay and lesbian couples should be able to got to City Hall and get a marriage license, nothing more, nothing less. Nothing says family like marriage.”

In a Quinnipiac poll released last week, 58% of New Yorkers support the freedom to marry. Mike encourages us to join the majority of New Yorkers who support the freedom to marry. 

With just over one week before the scheduled end of the legislative sessions, it’s more critical than ever that you contact your legislators.