Watch: Phoenix Suns Point Guard Steve Nash Comes Out for Marriage

Steve Nash, the Phoenix Suns point guard, has added his name to the number of professional athletes, celebrities, politicians, and other New Yorkers who support the freedom to marry. In a video produced by HRC, he says:

"Hi I'm Steve Nash. I spend my summers in New York and I love playing at the Garden. A growing number of professional athletes are speaking out in support of gay and lesbian couples getting married. I'm proud to be one of them. Join me and the supermajority of new yorkers who support marriage equality."

Time Magazine named Nash --a Manhattan resident when he's not playing for the Suns-- one of the most influential people in the world in 2006. Marking a watershed moment for marriage, Nash's video comes after New York Ranger Sean Avery became the first professional athlete in New York to announce support for the freedom to marry.
Freedom to Marry is proud to have helped create and co-lead New Yorkers United for Marriage, the coalition working to win marriage in New York this spring.