WATCH: Soldier from Hawaii submits video testimony about why marriage matters

This week and last week, the Hawaii House Committees on Judiciary and Finance have been hearing testimony from thousands of Hawaii residents speaking out about the marriage bill approved by the Hawaii Senate last week and currently under consideration by the House. Hundreds of supporters of the freedom to marry have taken to the microphone and explained why marriage matters and how the freedom to marry would impact their family. 

Not everyone who wanted to testify before the Committees, however, was able to attend. Bryan Kawika La Madrid, an active duty soldier from Hawaii, is currently stationed in Texas, having previously served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He couldn't be at the hearings to testify about why marriage matters to him - but he took the time this week to record a sweet video about why he wants Hawaii to pass the marriage bill and become the 15th state where same-sex couples can marry. 

Watch the full video:

In the video, Bryan said:

I look forward to the day I can eventually return home with the love of my life, to marry in front of my family and friends. Due to the commitment I've made to my country, I can't stand and testify in front of you today. But I can extend the deepest, most sincere thank you. Your leadership and dedication to equality and to me and my future honors my service and commitment to the country I have sworn to defend. I am so grateful for your support. So mahalo, and good luck. Keep your chin up, and God speed. 

Hawaii United for Marriage is the statewide coalition working to pass the marriage bill this year. This week, Hawaii has convened for a special legislative session with the goal of passing the bill. Learn more about Hawaii United HERE