WATCH: This hospital staff in upstate NY make a gay couple’s weddings dreams come true

Meet William Warren and Renard Latour. They have been together for 39 years. 

William is paralyzed in all four limbs, with very limited use of his legs and arms. Renard, his partner, explained that he's "getting a little bit better each day" as he makes his home at O'Connor Hospital in Delhi, NY.

The men had been wanting to marry since July 2011, when the freedom to marry took effect in New York state. This year, after coping with William's health problems, they finally set out to tie the knot.

This is Dr. Alberto Gaitan. He helped William and Renard achieve their dream. He helped the men find an officiant in the conservative Delaware County to perform the civil ceremony...

...asked a transportation company, Circle of Life, to donate an ambulance to get William down to the Delhi town clerk's office...

...and even helped William sign the marriage license application.

Back at the hospital, it was finally the big day: Wednesday, May 8.

Many staff members gathered for the celebration, excited to witness the wedding.

William and Renard walked down the aisle.

They listened to the officiant explain, "I think it's remarkable and wonderful and amazing that the two of you found each other and have stayed with each other for almost four full decades."

They vowed, "Indeed, I do" and "I sure will."

They were declared to be united - "not as husband and husband, but as heart to heart."

And they were married.

The hospital staff toasted to the couple - a celebration of the four decades they have shared and a blessing for their future years as newlyweds.

Congratulations, William and Renard. Watch the entire video, by VeccVideography, HERE:

William and Renard Wedding at O'Connor Hospital/Bassett Healthcare Network in Delhi NY from VeccVideography on Vimeo.