WGBH Lab calls for stories of gay rights movement

Posted by Hannah Clay Wareham on baywindows.com:

"American Experience" and the WGBH Lab are launching an open call for stories of the modern gay rights movement.

"'We are asking for videos that tell the story of the movement happening right now: from ’Don’t ask, don’t tell’ activism to the legislative battles over the freedom to marry,' says Chris Hastings, producer of the WGBH Lab.

"Video submissions will be entered into a contest judged by Cyndi Lauper and Dan Savage, creator of the 'It Gets Better' project. Five $1,000 prizes will be given to the top videos, as well as a chance for the video to air on PBS. Visit http://bit.ly/gZDYSa or http://bit.ly/fTfqDy for more information."

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