Why I’m Optimistic About Maine

Huffington Post
October 16, 2009

Paul Hogarth writes about his experience volunteering for No on 1/Protect Maine Equality, and lays out the reasons why he's optimistic about the outcome of the Maine election. (Link)

He also highlights the ways you can still get involved:
But while I remain optimistic about Maine, the "No on 1" campaign will need volunteers for the last 19 days in order to score a victory. That's why getting involved for the final push will be so critical. If we lose, it will be because not enough of us got involved.

Out-of-state volunteers can make phone-calls from home, while there are organized phone-banks going on across the country. East Coast volunteers can take a day (or weekend trip) to Maine and find a carpool through an online feature that pairs up people in your area. And you can donate money or airline miles to send volunteers for a week at Travel for Change. Or you can give to the California Young Democrats, who will be helping the last-minute college campus push by getting plane tickets for volunteers who will be on the ground during the last four days.