Why Marriage Matters Colorado launches public education effort in Centennial State

Today, marriage supporters in Colorado launched a new public education effort designed to grow and broaden support for the freedom to marry in the Centennial State. The campaign, Why Marriage Matters Colorado, seeks to heighten the conversation with Coloradans from every corner of the state about the importance of marriage for same-sex couples.

Freedom to Marry is proud to serve as a founding and leading member of the campaign, which launched today in Denver, CO. Alongside state stalwarts One Colorado and the ACLU of Colorado, Why Marriage Matters CO will fuel a robust conversation about same-sex couples and their families in the state.

The campaign explained today:

Today’s announcement comes at a time that the national landscape for marriage equality is shifting rapidly. Less than two weeks ago, nine couples filed a legal challenge to the state’s constitutional ban on marriage for same-sex couples. At the same time, two federal cases – one based in Utah, the other in Oklahoma – will be heard next month by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals which covers Colorado.

Why Marriage Matters Colorado will equip supporters with tools and training to share personal stories about why marriage matters to them. The campaign will engage businesses, religious congregations, and civic leaders to help win the freedom to marry in Colorado and show that gay and lesbian couples are part of someone’s family and should be treated with respect.

Colorado is one of six states encompassed by the 10th Circuit - meaning that the decisions from the Utah or Oklahoma cases could have a significant impact on same-sex couples in Colorado. Learn more about marriage litigation in Colorado

Visit the Why Marriage Matters Colorado website HERE.