Why marriage matters for Rev. Gib Rossing, his wife Beth, and their son Jonathan

Why Marriage Matters Washington, a project from the Pride Foundation and Freedom to Marry, released their second video in their public information campaign focused on heightening support for the freedom to marry in Washington state.

The new ad, "Journey," features Rev. Gib Rossing, a minister for the United Church of Christ, and his wife Beth Rossing, who talk about why they want their son, Jonathan, to be able to marry his long-time partner Ryan. In the video, Gib and Beth, who have been married for 52 years, finish each other's sentences about one of their four sons, Jonathan, who came out to them years ago. Rev. Gib and Beth say:

When our son told us he was gay, it was tough to get used to. We came to love him for who he was. We watch Jonathan and Ryan and how they support one another. I see their love and commitment for each other. If our son Jonathan and his partner Ryan could take wedding vows, I think that would be great.

The Why Marriage Matters campaign, which is being aired on television during the Olympics coverage, is working to convince Washington voters to uphold the freedom to marry at the ballot this November. In February, Gov. Christine Gregoire signed the bill granting marriage protections for same-sex couples into law, but anti-gay activists immediately began collecting signatures to put the law up to a vote at the ballot. Voters in Washington are being asked to approve Referendum 74 in order to maintain the already-passed freedom to marry in the state. 

previous advertisement featured Cheryl Pflug, a Republican state representative in Washington who voted to approve the freedom to marry in February.

Watch the new advertisement below, and read more about Washington state here