‘Win More States Fund’ reaches $3 million goal for investment in state campaigns

This week, Freedom to Marry matched its initial 2012 goal of raising and investing $3 million in three battleground states where marriage will appear on the ballot in November. Since March, Freedom to Marry has been steadily raising funds and channeling them strategically into state marriage campaigns through our Win More States Fund. The organization will continue working to raise funds for these campaigns in Minnesota, Washington and Maine, which need more than $10 million in order to secure wins. 

The Win More States Fund reached the $3 million goal after Freedom to Marry pledged $500,000 to match donations to the campaign to win marriage in Washington state. From now until August 31, we will match donations to Washington United for Marriage dollar for dollar, meaning that every donation made to the Washington campaign before the end of the month wields twice the impact. 

The funds for the Washington, Minnesota, and Maine campaigns will be instrumental in securing television airtime for advertisments and public education spots, which grow more expensive and more difficult to obtain each day. In Seattle, prices for television ads have nearly doubled in the last few months, and in Portland, Maine, we've seen prices jump by about 30 percent. We know that, while these campaigns need integrated attention from all media outlets, one of the primary ways to get the message out about these ballot initiatives - and why marriage matters to same-sex couples in each state - is through television advertising.

Our founder and President Evan Wolfson celebrated meeting the $3 million goal and vowed to continue working toward marriage for all couples through the Win More States Fund. He said:  

Early and strategic support shows that our movement has evolved into a sophisticated campaign equipped to win at the ballot box in November. In an election season where candidate campaigns and Super PACs are snapping up television airtime, Freedom to Marry is especially pleased to be able to provide crucial early funding to support TV buys and other ways of making the case for the freedom to marry. We will continue to raise dollars and channel them into campaigns to ensure we get family stories in front of the voters and make the most personal and powerful case for why marriage matters. We encourage people across the country to join Freedom to Marry in making a difference in these ballot-measure battles, by donating time, speaking out, and contributing. We will make sure every dollar gets put to the best possible use, turning the momentum for marriage into votes for victory.

In addition to strategically channeling money into these three campaigns, Freedom to Marry, alongside partners like the Gill Action Fund and the Human Rights Campaign, has been working closely with each state-level organization - Washington United, Mainers United for Marriage, and Minnesotans United for All Families - to provide critical guidance and strategic support. We have helped to deploy effective public education efforts like television ads featuring real families and true personal stories; introduce state-of-the-art new media tools and strategies to engage supporters; and foster field campaigns to allow for one-on-one conversations with voters about the importance of the freedom to marry. 

Freedom to Marry is thrilled with our donors' commitment to supporting campaigns for the freedom to marry, and we are dedicated to continuing our push to raise funds and tactfully funnel them where they're most needed. 

You can donate to the Win More States Fund here, or read more about the state ballot campaigns in WashingtonMaine, and Minnesota.