Wyoming Unites for Marriage launches public education campaign in The Equality State

Today, marriage supporters in Wyoming launched a new public education effort designed to grow and broaden support for the freedom to marry in the Equality State. The campaign, Wyoming Unites for Marriage, seeks to heighten the conversation with Wyomingites about the importance of marriage for same-sex couples.

Freedom to Marry is proud to serve as a founding and leading member of the campaign, which launched today in Cheyenne, WY on the steps of the Capitol Building. Alongside state equality organization Wyoming Equality, Wyoming Unites for Marriage will fuel a robust conversation about same-sex couples and their families in the state and work to move marriage forward. 

The press conference today in Cheyenne featured remarks from Rep. Dan Zwonitzer (R) and Rep. Mary Throne (D). Zwonitzer said:

"As a Republican, I believe in the power of the free market. It’s what fuels American small businesses and fosters game-changing ideas. However, freedom should not be constrained or limited. In America – and in the equality state of Wyoming — freedom means freedom for everyone."

The past few months have seen a flurry of activity for the freedom to marry in Wyoming. Seven Republican state representatives from Wyoming published an editorial calling for the freedom to marry in the Equality State, and last month, former WY Senator Alan Simpson signed onto a friend-of-the-court brief expressing his view that marriage for same-sex couples is a conservative value. 

And just last week, the National Center for Lesbian Rights filed a lawsuit on behalf of Wyoming Equality and four same-sex couples challenging the state’s damaging law that bans same-sex couples from marrying. As the case, Courage v. Wyoming, proceeds through the courts, there’s nothing more important than growing and highlighting the widespread support for marriage in Wyoming. 

All of the action comes in a season where the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals is set to hear oral arguments in two marriage cases - Utah's Kitchen v. Herbert  and Oklahoma's Bishop v. United States. The cases could have sweeping effects on the 10th Circuit states, which include Wyoming.

Join the campaign to move marriage forward in Wyoming HERE