Young Conservatives Leadership Committee speaks about the freedom to marry

Today, we published a video online featuring more information about Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry, our campaign to amplify the voices of young people who identify as conservatives and who support marriage for same-sex couples. The video features several members of the Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry leadership committee
For some of the members of the leadership committee, the issue is personal - several of them are gay or lesbian themselves, and others have gay or lesbian family members or close friends. For these young adults, support for the freedom to marry isn't in conflict with their conservative values; rather, it bolsters their beliefs that all Americans deserve the freedom to love whoever they fall in love with. 
For others, they simply see the freedom to marry as a value in line with the rest of their belief system. Madeline Koch, for example, says, "As a conservative, I think we should have limited government, especially in a decision that's so personal."
Nicole Neily encourages other young conservatives to find their voice and speak out about why they care about marriage for all couples across the country. She says, "This has traditionally been something that a lot people on the center-right have been silent about. So I really encourage people who support this to actually come out and speak out."