Young conservatives send RNC letter in support of marriage

Today, the leadership committee of Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry sent a letter to the platform committee of the Republican National Committee urging them to reject using anti-marriage language in this year’s National Party Platform. The initiative follows the successful victory of the Democrats: Say I Do campaign to get a freedom to marry plank in the National Democratic Party Platform.


The letter to the RNC states, in part, that:


“We, as conservatives, have traditionally cited the importance of marriage because it contributes to society and promotes stability and shared responsibility. Marriage makes our nation stronger socially and economically by strengthening families and communities. … Same-sex couples who want to make that commitment in life before family and friends should be able to share in that commitment under law through marriage.  And, if we truly believe in family values, then we must value all families.

We are not new to the political process and understand there are divergent opinions on the freedom to marry within the Republican Party.    Yet in this environment with rapidly changing perspectives and discussions taking place around dinner tables throughout the country, we ask that the Party respect these differences by not opposing the freedom to marry in its platform.

Giving people more personal freedom is the foundation of the Republican Party, which, as the Party of Lincoln, has a proud tradition of expanding liberties.  We respectfully request that the GOP honor that tradition as it considers how to address the freedom to marry in its plank.”


The full letter appears here, and is signed by the eight leadership committee members of Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry.


Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry launched at a kickoff event on July 10 in Washington, DC., and includes conservative commentator and political strategist Margaret Hoover, Standing Up for New Hampshire Families campaign leaders Tyler Deaton and Craig Stowell, and other prominent conservative advocates. 


The committee will host a complimentary brunch at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, and will participate in a number of other events to increase conversation surrounding the importance of the freedom to marry for all loving and committed couples.


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