Young Conservatives tour NV as part of ‘Reform the Platform’ campaign

This week, as part of the robust “Reform the Platform” campaign to remove anti-gay language from the 2016 Republican national platform, Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry visited Nevada for a series of meetings with state GOP officials and other activists. Learn more about Reform the Platform HERE, and make sure to take the pledge declaring your support for marriage for all. 

'Reform the Platform,' launched this summer with a similar tour throughout New Hampshire, is a $1 million effort that makes the case for removing anti-gay language from the national Republican Party platform before the 2016 Republican National Convention. Young Conservatives are touring early presidential primary states - including earlier this year in Iowa and later this fall in South Carolina - to meet with the press, like-minded GOP advocates, and elected officials to discuss the campaign and encourage young Republicans who support reforming the platform to run for delegate and attend the Convention.

Tyler Deaton, campaign manager for Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry, a project of Freedom to Marry, said:

“With Republican Governor Brian Sandoval’s refusal to defend the state’s marriage ban and the state GOP platform now reflecting a broader approach to the marriage question, Nevada is the perfect place to show that changing the national GOP platform is both good politics and the right thing to do. Conservatives support marriage because it strengthens families and is consistent with our principles of individual liberty and freedom. It's time our official party platform be true to these values, appeal to more voters, and reflect a greater diversity of views on marriage."

Notably this year, Nevada Republicans removed a section of their state platform that limited marriage to different-sex couples. GOP leaders in Nevada have also expressed opposition to anti-gay, anti-marriage language in their platforms in Indiana, Oregon, New Mexico, and California. 

In at least five states - Indiana, Nevada, Oregon, New Mexico, and California - Republican leaders have already expressed opposition to anti-gay, anti-marriage language in their party platforms - and just this year, Republicans in Iowa’s 1st Congressional District removed a section of their district platform that sought to restrict marriage to different-sex couples, replacing it with a statement that government should have no role in marriage.

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