Partnering With Comcast, Familia es Familia Airs Family Unity Ad Featuring Dolores Huerta


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Partnering With Comcast, Familia es Familia Airs Family Unity Ad Featuring Civil Rights Leader Dolores Huerta
Speaking Up for Inclusion of LGBT Loved Ones and Against Bullying

Press Contact:
Angela Dallara
Communications Associate, Freedom to Marry

Washington, DC – Civil rights leader Dolores Huerta is featured in new national television ad by the Familia es Familia campaign encouraging Latinos to embrace their LGBT relatives and friends. The ad, part of a series featuring Huerta, is in partnership with Comcast, which is contributing $500,000 in national airtime on its Xfinity TV cable systems and bringing this important message to more than 20 million homes over the next year.

Huerta, a longtime social justice and civil rights activist, was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom last year by President Obama. In the PSA, she calls on fellow Latinos to come together to accept their gay and lesbian family members.

“All people deserve justice and equality under the law – no matter who we were born to love,” Huerta said. “It is not enough to just to accept the gay, lesbian, and transgender community. It is our responsibility to support our brothers and sisters and fight for their rights, just as we fight for our own. I feel privileged to be able to help in this cause at this historic junction. I look forward to the day that every Latino family member is accepted by their community and family.”

Sergio Lopez, director of Familia es Familia, said:  “The Latino community is leading the way in embracing our gay and lesbian relatives, friends, and neighbors. We are honored to have Dolores’ support as we stand up for all Latino families with LGBT family members, too.”

Klayton Fennell, vice president of government affairs at Comcast and member of Comcast’s Diversity Council, said: “Comcast is proud to partner with the Familia es Familia campaign as it speaks out against bullying and discrimination.  We applaud Familia es Familia’s efforts to promote diversity and inclusion through respectful dialogue as we know it fosters strong communities and families.”

The transcript of the ad is below:

Dolores Huerta: “Familia es Familia. In the Latino community, we do not turn our back on our family. We have a responsibility to nurture the youth in our families, and not to push them out because they happen to be gay or lesbian or transgender. They have to know that we’re going to love them exactly the way that they are and we’re there for them. Latino families are stronger when they are together.

“Ya es Hora! It’s time to talk about our family members who are gay and lesbian.”

Familia es Familia — a comprehensive national public-education campaign aimed at strengthening Latino voices to build support within the Latino community for acceptance of LGBT family members — is supported by dozens of the nation’s leading Hispanic organizations and other civil rights and social justice groups.