Resources Related to Children and Families

Familia es Familia: Ya Es Hora

Read the 2014 update to the brochure about 'Familia es Familia' - a public education campaign co-led by dozens of Latino organizations and Freedom to Marry that works to build and amplify support for gay and lesbian people, and the freedom to marry for same-sex couples, in the Latino community.

Study Suggests Marriage Brings Mental Health Benefits for Same-Sex Couples

A new study suggests that psychological distress is lower among gay, lesbian and bisexual people who are legally married - compared with gay, lesbian and bisexual people who are not in unions respected by their states.

Media Primer: 2011 Flashpoints for LGBT Equality

A media primer on the LGBT issues landscape for the coming year released by the Human Rights Campaign.

Census 2010: More Gay Parents Raising Children in South

UCLA demographers analyzing 2010 Census Bureau data have found that same-sex couples raising children are more common in the South than in any other region in the United States.

Hospital Visitation Rights for Gay, Lesbian Partners Take Effect

In January 2011, new federal regulations went into effect prohibiting healthcare institutions participating in Medicaid and Medicare from denying visitation rights based on sexual orientation.

Testimony: Nancy F. Cott Defends Equal Marriage Rights

An article adapted from Harvard Professor Nancy F. Cott’s expert report submitted in the case of Perry v. Schwarzenegger in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

Survey Finds Growing Acceptance of Gay Families

A new survey finds a majority of Americans have widened their view of what constitutes a family to include same-sex couples with children.

District Court Affirms Overturning Florida Gay Adoption Ban

The Florida Third District Court of Appeal decision affirming a circuit court ruling that found a law banning gay and lesbian people from adopting children unconstitutional.

Memo: Protecting Our LGBT Elders - An Overview of LGBT Aging Issues

A memo on the unique needs of LGBT older adults and the policy and regulatory changes needed to address them.

US National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study: Psychological Adjustment of Adolescents

This report shows that adolescents who have been reared in lesbian-mother families since birth demonstrate healthy psychological adjustment.

Parenting and child development in adoptive families

A study from University of Virginia and George Washington University scholars concluding that parenting quality, not sexual orientation, determines the healthy development of children.

American Fertility Association Supports Marriage for Same-Sex Couples

The AFA position statement in support of the freedom to marry.

Frequently Asked Questions About Marriage Recognition for Same-Sex Couples in Maryland

Lambda Legal, American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland, the National Center for Lesbian Rights, Equality Maryland, and the American Civil Liberties Union: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Guide for same-sex couples in Maryland who married out of state.

Compendium of Social Science Research on Gay Headed Families

A short list of social science articles on the impact of a parent's sexual orientation on the development of children.

How Does the Gender of Parents Matter?

A 2010 study finding the gender of parents having little significance for childrens' adjustment and success.

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