About Us: Freedom to Marry’s Top Media Hits

Freedom to Marry spokespeople have been making the case for marriage in various media outlets for decades. Below is a selection of some of the best articles and speeches that reflect Freedom to Marry's strategy to win marriage nationwide for all loving and committed same-sex couples. For more information, visit Freedom to Marry's About Us page.

Free Speech TV: Gay USA • "Evan Wolfson on SCOTUS Oral Argument on Gay USA"

April 29, 2015: Following the U.S. Supreme Court hearing on the freedom to marry, Evan Wolfson speaks out with Gay USA about the oral argument - and the decades of work that led to this moment. Wolfson said: "In addition to the grassroots piece, there was the strategy and the sticking with it and the building the campaign and the working together with disciple and sacrifice and focus. It wasn't just random everything. And it's the two together that have made our movement successful, and we have to honor both." Evan speaks with hosts Andy Humm and Ann Northrup in the first half hour of this episode of Gay USA. Read More

CSPAN • "Evan Wolfson Debates Brian Brown on the Freedom to Marry"

April 28, 2015: On the day the Supreme Court hears oral arguments on the freedom to marry, Freedom to Marry founder and president squares off with Brian Brown of the so-called National Organization for Marriage. Evan dissects the opposition's arguments and asserts that the freedom to marry is about respect for all Americans. "Gay people are not out there trying to redefine marriage," Wolfson said. "The courts are not redefining marriage. Marriage is not defined by who is denied it. When gay people share in marriage, it doesn't redefine marriage - it doesn't change marriage. We share marriage." Read More

Politico • "The Making of the Marriage Equality Revolution"

April 28, 2015: Historian Josh Zeitz highlighted the work of Freedom to Marry’s founder and movement architect Evan Wolfson and political strategist Marc Solomon – two key leaders in the campaign for marriage nationwide. Read More

Slate • "The Marriage Mastermind"

April 26, 2015: Slate writer Mark Joseph Stern looks at "How Evan Wolfson transformed American society" through his decades of work on the freedom to marry, noting, "Wolfson’s greatest hope for the Supreme Court’s upcoming marriage equality ruling is that it will put him out of a job." Read More

Columbia Human Rights Law Review• "Lessons Learned," Symposium Keynote Between Evan Wolfson and Olatunde Johnson

April 26, 2014: At this symposium, Freedom to Marry president Evan Wolfson shared lessons learned from the marriage movement, brainstorming ways that the right to housing movement can learn from the effort and successes. Read More

CBS News • "50 Years Later, Civil Rights": How Has the Equal Rights Movement Evolved?

July 24, 2014: This year marked the 50th anniversary of Civil Rights Act. CBS News Presents featured a diverse panel including civil rights hero John Lewis (D-GA), actress Whoopi Goldberg, Freedom to Marry president Evan Wolfson, actor and activist Harry Belafonte, and more. The panel discussed the American civil rights movement and what’s left to achieve full equality. Read More

Pride "10 Years
 of Marriage, 10 Milestones to Celebrate: How We Got Here"

June 2014: Freedom to Marry founder and president Evan Wolfson contributed this piece to the annual Pride magazine counting down 10 big milestones for marriage in the past 10 years. He writes: "Let’s take a moment to savor and remember how far we’ve come—and with full victory within reach (provided we keep reaching), let’s re-engage to finish the job and fulfill our goal of winning marriage nationwide!" Read More

The Wall Street Journal"Young Conservatives Group Pressures GOP on Gay Marriage"

April 16, 2014: This in-depth story looks at the launch of "Reform the Platform," a $1 million initiative from Young Conservatives for the Freedom to Marry to encourage the Republican National Committee to remove anti-gay language in the national Republican Party platform and, eventually, replace it with language in favor of respecting all families. The story looks at the effort's early plans to tour four key early-primary states as Young Conservatives leadership like Margaret Hoover and Abby Huntsman hold meetings with decision-makers and young activists about why marriage matters to conservatives. Read More

The Washington Post "Wedded to an Idea": Profile of Evan Wolfson

July 2, 2013: Profile of Freedom to Marry founder and president Evan Wolfson, who wrote a law school paper that helped change the world - and received a B. "There’s no question where it’s going. The only question is how soon we can bring it home, and I believe it’s a matter of years, not decades," Wolfson said, just days after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the core of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act. Read More

Buzzfeed "The Lawyer And Writer Who Made Marriage Equality Happen"

March 24, 2013: Buzzfeed's Chris Geidner profiled Evan Wolfson and Andrew Sullivan, who have been making the case for the freedom to marry since the 1980s, in a piece published the landmark week of oral arguments in two key cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. "To me this was always about, number one, what was right in terms of the American values of liberty and justice and equality and freedom and the pursuit of happiness," Evan said. "Secondly, because it would be an engine of change. It would help transform people’s understanding of who gay people are." Read More

The Atlantic • "The Marriage Plot: Inside This Year's Epic Campaign for Gay Equality"

December 11, 2012: As marriage supporters across the country celebrated the first-ever victories for the freedom to marry at the ballot in four states - Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington - The Atlantic wrote the exclusive, inside story about Freedom to Marry's work in each of the states, detailing how we changed the conversation about same-sex couples, their families, and the freedom to marry. Read More

"Marriage Equality and Lessons for the Scary Work of Winning"

September 3, 2004: This was the 2004 Lavendar Law keynote address, given by Evan Wolfson in Minneapolis in front of the National Lesbian & Gay Law Association’s gathering of leading attorneys, legal academics, and law students, to lay out the vision of how we are winning marriage. It offers strategic lessons on how to deal with defeats and, where necessary, “lose forward” to victory. At a time when anti-marriage opponents were mounting ballot campaigns to add discriminatory amendments to various state constitutions before the people in those states had a chance to understand why gay people wanted to marry, these lessons were crucial. “In every state – even those where we cannot win the present battle, but fight so as to lose forward – we have the opportunity to enlist more support, build more coalitions, and make it possible for more candidates and non-gay opinion-leaders to move toward fairness,” he wrote. Read More

The Advocate"All Together Now"

September 11, 2001: In this early visionary piece, published before same-sex couples could marry in any of the states, Evan Wolfson makes the case for why marriage matters and sets the blueprint for the national strategy going forward. He writes: “Shimmering within our reach is a legal structure of respect, inclusion, equality, and enlarged possibilities, including the freedom to marry. Let us build the new approach, partnership, tools, and entities that can reach the middle and bring it all home.” Read More