Attend a Minnesota house party for One Day United!

With six weeks before Election Day, Minnesotans United for All Families, the coalition to block a discriminatory consitutional amendment that would permanently limit the freedom to marry in the state, is ramping up their fundraising efforts by hosting its final One Day United event. The event will be hosted across the state in over 300 homes of people who oppose the amendment.

At the parties, marriage supporters in Minnesota will come together to talk with other Minnesotans about why marriage matters and to raise the funds that are so important to defeating the anti-gay amendment. Minnesotans United is working hard to raise money to keep its important advocacy television ads on the air as long as possible, and these house parties will be a key source of funding for the ads, like this TV spot they began airing earlier this week

In November 2011, to mark a year before Election Day, marriage supporters hosted 100 house parties throughout the state to raise awareness and funds for Minnesotans United. In May, six months out from the election, they hosted 200 house parties. And now, six weeks before November 6, they're arranging a network of 300 house parties to stand together in opposition of the harmful amendment.

Minnesotans can sign up to attend a house party by checking out the list of parties in your area on Minnesotans United's website.

Learn more about the proposed constitutional amendment in Minnesota HERE, and read about all four states where marriage is on the ballot HERE.