Hearing scheduled on Indiana anti-freedom amendment, now known as HJR-3

Today, in the first week of the Indiana General Assembly's legislative session, lawmakers introduced a proposed constitutional amendment that seeks to permanently ban all protections for same-sex couples and their families in Indiana. The amendment, formerly known as HJR-6, is now titled HJR-3, and a hearing is scheduled in the House Judiciary Committee for Monday, January 13. 

For months, Freedom Indiana, a coalition of community organizations, businesses, and people of faith across the state, have been working to defeat the anti-liberty amendment. The campaign wrote today in a blog post:

We know that Hoosiers still oppose HJR-3, and we are continuing our efforts to stop this amendment from harming Indiana’s families. While the number on the bill has changed, our strategy has not. We are joining together to let our lawmakers know that Hoosiers across our state oppose this hurtful amendment, and are dedicated to protecting liberty for all families.

A majority of residents in Indiana already agree that HJR-3 will do nothing but harm families in Indiana: A December 2012 poll by the Bowen Center for Public Affairs at Ball State University and WISH-TV found that 54 percent of respondents opposed changing the state constitution to permanently ban same-sex couples from the protections of marriage. Just 38 percent said they supported the amendment.

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